Week 4 of Practicing Leetcode

#find even digits# @param {Integer[]} nums# @return {Integer}def find_numbers(nums)nums.count { |x| x.digits.size.even? }end
#remove outermost parenthesis# @param {String} s# @return {String}def remove_outer_parentheses(s)counter = 0output = Array.news.split(//).each do |c|output << c unless (counter == 0 && c == "(") || (counter == 1 && c == ")")counter += 1 if c == "("counter -= 1 if c == ")"endoutput.joinend
#final price w/ discount# @param {Integer[]} prices# @return {Integer[]}def final_prices(prices)output = []new_a = []for i in 0...prices.size - 1min = nilprices[i+1..-1].select{|v| break min = v if v <= prices[i]}min.nil? ? output << prices[i] : output << prices[i] - minendoutput << prices[-1]p outputend
#self dividing mumbers# @param {Integer} left# @param {Integer} right# @return {Integer[]}def self_dividing_numbers(left, right)result = [](left..right).each { |num| result << num if num.to_s.chars.all? { |digit| digit != '0' and num % digit.to_i == 0 }}return resultend
#number of students doing homework# @param {Integer[]} start_time# @param {Integer[]} end_time# @param {Integer} query_time# @return {Integer}def busy_student(start_time, end_time, query_time)start_time.each_with_index.map { |st, i| st <= query_time && end_time[i] >= query_time ? 1 : 0 }.sumend




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Parker Williamson

Parker Williamson

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