Reading into Python, a New Job Opportunity!

This week, I got a good look at Python. I had a recent job interview for an internship that will mainly be using Python. They also inquired about my familiarity with Linux, which I definitely undersold myself because I didn’t fully understand the question they were asking. Python does relate very closely Ruby so my experience in that aspect has translated very nicely over to my learning of Python.

I mostly did a lot of reading about Python, and saw that a common framework is Django, which makes it really easy. I will be installing this either this week or next week. The only delay would be due to the business of the time of year with Christmas coming up. Knowing I didn’t have the plugin installed, or the knowledge of Django yet, I moved my practicing over to leetcode and did a little studying on the fly trying to solve the problems.

I solved one problem from LeetCode in Python before returning to doing my reading, which was the Running Sum of 1d Array. My final solution was

class Solution(object):
def runningSum(self, nums):
“””:type nums: List[int]:rtype: List[int]“””return [sum(nums[:i+1]) for i in range(len(nums))]

and I didn’t score the best when it comes to runtime and memory distribution, but for a first solve it wasn’t the worst. I got a 36ms Runtime, and 13.7mb memory usage. It beat 17.6% of the other solutions for runtime, and 39.21% of memory distribution. I could have definitely done worse, but just leaning into python I am pretty happy with the results.

As far as Linux goes, I have been using Ubuntu terminal for a long time, with a lot of Ruby code testing, and I had to recover some files for my girlfriend’s grandfather on his floppy disks from the early 90s. It was a fun little side project but that experience definitely slipped my mind during the interview, and I will definitely be adding that to my thank you email that I am going to write this weekend.

I want to stay vague about the company I applied too, but thus far they seem extremely nice and everyone seems to enjoy what they do that I have talked to. I have talked to 3 associates and their happiness shows a lot, and it makes it a place that I would really hope to get involved with. Happiness at a job is worth more than the salary to a certain extent, and if I am excited to go to work, I know that I will progress much faster and learn in a much healthier way that will lead to retaining more.

I have also been keeping in contact with a few of my cohort mates and one of them already found a job! I am extremely happy for her and it is awesome to see all this hard work paying off. I did miss a call from another person who I had been meaning to catch up with, but when we get in contact again I want to set up some weekly code challenges to further our skills in a fun environment. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to my classmates over learning and it made me want to hop on my computer and learn. I think that it is a very big blessing to finally be getting into a profession I am passionate about and love to learn.