More work on the filter!

Parker Williamson
3 min readApr 20, 2021


This week I did some more work on my filter for Project Diablo 2. I am basing it off of a friends filter that he created, and using his template to help me learn more about it. This learning on the fly is a great skill for a “language” that I don’t know, and my ability to pick it up.

ItemDisplay[r11 OR r11s]: %TAN%AMN %GRAY%11%MAP%ItemDisplay[r12 OR r12s]: %TAN%SOL %GRAY%12%MAP%ItemDisplay[r13 OR r13s]: %TAN%SHAEL %GRAY%13%MAP%ItemDisplay[r14 OR r14s]: %TAN%DOL %GRAY%14%MAP%ItemDisplay[r15 OR r15s]: %TAN%HEL %GRAY%15%MAP%ItemDisplay[r16 OR r16s]: %TAN%IO %GRAY%16%MAP%ItemDisplay[r17 OR r17s]: %RED%* %ORANGE%LUM %RED%* %GRAY%17%MAP%ItemDisplay[r18 OR r18s]: %RED%*+ %ORANGE%KO %RED%+* %GRAY%18%MAP%ItemDisplay[r19 OR r19s]: %RED%*+ %ORANGE%FAL %RED%+* %GRAY%19%MAP%ItemDisplay[r20 OR r20s]: %RED%**++ %ORANGE%LEM %RED%++** %GRAY%20%MAP%

First, I added runes 11–20, it was the same thing as last week, except starting at rune #17 they become rare and useful enough to change the font color of them. There is a red * followed by the name in orange, and other red * following to help it stand out. the r11 OR r11s is just to ensure that if multiple drop (which is only doable by a player) they still show up correctly being that in this mod, they are stackable.

ItemDisplay[r21 OR r21s]: %RED%**++ %PURPLE%PUL %RED%++** %GRAY%21%MAP%ItemDisplay[r22 OR r22s]: %RED%**++OO %PURPLE%UM %RED%OO++** %GRAY%22%MAP%ItemDisplay[r23 OR r23s]: %RED%**++OO %PURPLE%MAL %RED%OO++** %GRAY%23%MAP%ItemDisplay[r24 OR r24s]: %RED%***+++OOO %PURPLE%IST %RED%OOO+++*** %GRAY%24%MAP%ItemDisplay[r25 OR r25s]: %RED%***+++OOO %PURPLE%GUL %RED%OOO+++*** %GRAY%25%MAP%ItemDisplay[r26 OR r26s]: %GREEN%26 %RED%****++++OOOO %PURPLE%VEX %RED%OOOO++++**** %GREEN%26%MAP%ItemDisplay[r27 OR r27s]: %GREEN%27 %RED%****++++OOOO %PURPLE%OHM %RED%OOOO++++**** %GREEN%27%MAP%ItemDisplay[r28 OR r28s]: %GREEN%28 %PURPLE%****++++OOOO %RED%LO %PURPLE%OOOO++++**** %GREEN%28%MAP%ItemDisplay[r29 OR r29s]: %GREEN%29 %PURPLE%****++++OOOO %RED%SUR %PURPLE%OOOO++++**** %GREEN%29%MAP%ItemDisplay[r30 OR r30s]: %GREEN%30 %PURPLE%****++++OOOO %RED%BER %PURPLE%OOOO++++**** %GREEN%30%MAP%ItemDisplay[r31 OR r31s]: %GREEN%31 %PURPLE%****++++OOOO %RED%JAH %PURPLE%OOOO++++**** %GREEN%31%MAP%ItemDisplay[r32 OR r32s]: %GREEN%32 %PURPLE%****++++OOOO %RED%CHAM %PURPLE%OOOO++++**** %GREEN%32%MAP%ItemDisplay[r33 OR r33s]: %GREEN%33 %PURPLE%****++++OOOO %RED%ZOD %PURPLE%OOOO++++**** %GREEN%33%MAP%

Next, were runes 21–33, where we get to the more rare runes. And in this there is more color coding, as well as more symbols to make the name REALLY pop out, because they are so rare they should not be missed. These are heavy value currency, especially at 26+.

//╔══════╗//║ GEMS ║//╚══════╝ItemDisplay[CLVL>39 (gsv OR gsw OR gsg OR gsr OR gsb OR gsy OR sku)]:ItemDisplay[CLVL>29 (gfv OR gfw OR gfg OR gfr OR gfb OR gfy OR skf)]:ItemDisplay[CLVL>19 (gcv OR gcw OR gcg OR gcr OR gcb OR gcy OR skc)]:ItemDisplay[CLVL<40 gsv]: %PURPLE%>%GRAY%amethystItemDisplay[CLVL<40 gsw]: %WHITE%>%GRAY%diamondItemDisplay[CLVL<40 gsg]: %GREEN%>%GRAY%emeraldItemDisplay[CLVL<40 gsr]: %RED%>%GRAY%rubyItemDisplay[CLVL<40 gsb]: %BLUE%>%GRAY%sapphireItemDisplay[CLVL<40 gsy]: %YELLOW%>%GRAY%topazItemDisplay[CLVL<40 sku]: %BLACK%>%GRAY%skullItemDisplay[CLVL<30 gfv]: %PURPLE%>%GRAY%flawedItemDisplay[CLVL<30 gfw]: %WHITE%>%GRAY%flawedItemDisplay[CLVL<30 gfg]: %GREEN%>%GRAY%flawedItemDisplay[CLVL<30 gfr]: %RED%>%GRAY%flawedItemDisplay[CLVL<30 gfb]: %BLUE%>%GRAY%flawedItemDisplay[CLVL<30 gfy]: %YELLOW%>%GRAY%flawedItemDisplay[CLVL<30 skf]: %BLACK%>%GRAY%skullItemDisplay[CLVL<20 gcv]: %PURPLE%>%GRAY%chippedItemDisplay[CLVL<20 gcw]: %WHITE%>%GRAY%chippedItemDisplay[CLVL<20 gcg]: %GREEN%>%GRAY%chippedItemDisplay[CLVL<20 gcr]: %RED%>%GRAY%chippedItemDisplay[CLVL<20 gcb]: %BLUE%>%GRAY%chippedItemDisplay[CLVL<20 gcy]: %YELLOW%>%GRAY%chippedItemDisplay[CLVL<20 skc]: %BLACK%>%GRAY%skull

Next I added low level gems, nothing is really special here except the CLVL code, because past a certain level they are relatively useless, so the main goal here was to hide them. I still have perfect and flawless gems to show, but the default is not terrible for the time being. This was mainly to reduce clutter on the ground from useless items.

//╔═══════════╗//║ UBER KEYS ║//╚═══════════╝ItemDisplay[pk1]: %TAN%*+O %PURPLE%Terror Key %TAN%O+*%MAP% {%PURPLE%Bloodraven %WHITE%or %PURPLE%The Countess}ItemDisplay[pk2]: %TAN%*+O %GREEN%Hate Key %TAN%O+*%MAP% {%GREEN%Bloodwitch the Wild %WHITE%or %GREEN%The Summoner}ItemDisplay[pk3]: %TAN%*+O %YELLOW%Destruction Key %TAN%O+*%MAP% {%YELLOW%Izual %WHITE%or %YELLOW%Nihlathak}ItemDisplay[bey]: %PURPLE%*+O %TAN%Baal's Eye %PURPLE%O+*%MAP%ItemDisplay[dhn]: %PURPLE%*+O %TAN%Diablo's Horn %PURPLE%O+*%MAP%ItemDisplay[mbr]: %PURPLE%*+O %TAN%Mephistor's Brain %PURPLE%O+*%MAP%ItemDisplay[std]: %GOLD%+ %DARK_GREEN%Standard %GOLD%+%MAP%

The last thing I added, was the UBER keys, which summon the hardest bosses in the game. This just shows the name of these items when they are dropped to add a little more excitement, they are predicable when they will drop though. They are intentionally summoned mini-bosses so it is pretty hard to miss being that it is a long fight, and you are in the dungeon for a specific reason.