More work on the filter!

ItemDisplay[r11 OR r11s]: %TAN%AMN %GRAY%11%MAP%ItemDisplay[r12 OR r12s]: %TAN%SOL %GRAY%12%MAP%ItemDisplay[r13 OR r13s]: %TAN%SHAEL %GRAY%13%MAP%ItemDisplay[r14 OR r14s]: %TAN%DOL %GRAY%14%MAP%ItemDisplay[r15 OR r15s]: %TAN%HEL %GRAY%15%MAP%ItemDisplay[r16 OR r16s]: %TAN%IO %GRAY%16%MAP%ItemDisplay[r17 OR r17s]: %RED%* %ORANGE%LUM %RED%* %GRAY%17%MAP%ItemDisplay[r18 OR r18s]: %RED%*+ %ORANGE%KO %RED%+* %GRAY%18%MAP%ItemDisplay[r19 OR r19s]: %RED%*+ %ORANGE%FAL %RED%+* %GRAY%19%MAP%ItemDisplay[r20 OR r20s]: %RED%**++ %ORANGE%LEM %RED%++** %GRAY%20%MAP%
ItemDisplay[r21 OR r21s]: %RED%**++ %PURPLE%PUL %RED%++** %GRAY%21%MAP%ItemDisplay[r22 OR r22s]: %RED%**++OO %PURPLE%UM %RED%OO++** %GRAY%22%MAP%ItemDisplay[r23 OR r23s]: %RED%**++OO %PURPLE%MAL %RED%OO++** %GRAY%23%MAP%ItemDisplay[r24 OR r24s]: %RED%***+++OOO %PURPLE%IST %RED%OOO+++*** %GRAY%24%MAP%ItemDisplay[r25 OR r25s]: %RED%***+++OOO %PURPLE%GUL %RED%OOO+++*** %GRAY%25%MAP%ItemDisplay[r26 OR r26s]: %GREEN%26 %RED%****++++OOOO %PURPLE%VEX %RED%OOOO++++**** %GREEN%26%MAP%ItemDisplay[r27 OR r27s]: %GREEN%27 %RED%****++++OOOO %PURPLE%OHM %RED%OOOO++++**** %GREEN%27%MAP%ItemDisplay[r28 OR r28s]: %GREEN%28 %PURPLE%****++++OOOO %RED%LO %PURPLE%OOOO++++**** %GREEN%28%MAP%ItemDisplay[r29 OR r29s]: %GREEN%29 %PURPLE%****++++OOOO %RED%SUR %PURPLE%OOOO++++**** %GREEN%29%MAP%ItemDisplay[r30 OR r30s]: %GREEN%30 %PURPLE%****++++OOOO %RED%BER %PURPLE%OOOO++++**** %GREEN%30%MAP%ItemDisplay[r31 OR r31s]: %GREEN%31 %PURPLE%****++++OOOO %RED%JAH %PURPLE%OOOO++++**** %GREEN%31%MAP%ItemDisplay[r32 OR r32s]: %GREEN%32 %PURPLE%****++++OOOO %RED%CHAM %PURPLE%OOOO++++**** %GREEN%32%MAP%ItemDisplay[r33 OR r33s]: %GREEN%33 %PURPLE%****++++OOOO %RED%ZOD %PURPLE%OOOO++++**** %GREEN%33%MAP%
//╔══════╗//║ GEMS ║//╚══════╝ItemDisplay[CLVL>39 (gsv OR gsw OR gsg OR gsr OR gsb OR gsy OR sku)]:ItemDisplay[CLVL>29 (gfv OR gfw OR gfg OR gfr OR gfb OR gfy OR skf)]:ItemDisplay[CLVL>19 (gcv OR gcw OR gcg OR gcr OR gcb OR gcy OR skc)]:ItemDisplay[CLVL<40 gsv]: %PURPLE%>%GRAY%amethystItemDisplay[CLVL<40 gsw]: %WHITE%>%GRAY%diamondItemDisplay[CLVL<40 gsg]: %GREEN%>%GRAY%emeraldItemDisplay[CLVL<40 gsr]: %RED%>%GRAY%rubyItemDisplay[CLVL<40 gsb]: %BLUE%>%GRAY%sapphireItemDisplay[CLVL<40 gsy]: %YELLOW%>%GRAY%topazItemDisplay[CLVL<40 sku]: %BLACK%>%GRAY%skullItemDisplay[CLVL<30 gfv]: %PURPLE%>%GRAY%flawedItemDisplay[CLVL<30 gfw]: %WHITE%>%GRAY%flawedItemDisplay[CLVL<30 gfg]: %GREEN%>%GRAY%flawedItemDisplay[CLVL<30 gfr]: %RED%>%GRAY%flawedItemDisplay[CLVL<30 gfb]: %BLUE%>%GRAY%flawedItemDisplay[CLVL<30 gfy]: %YELLOW%>%GRAY%flawedItemDisplay[CLVL<30 skf]: %BLACK%>%GRAY%skullItemDisplay[CLVL<20 gcv]: %PURPLE%>%GRAY%chippedItemDisplay[CLVL<20 gcw]: %WHITE%>%GRAY%chippedItemDisplay[CLVL<20 gcg]: %GREEN%>%GRAY%chippedItemDisplay[CLVL<20 gcr]: %RED%>%GRAY%chippedItemDisplay[CLVL<20 gcb]: %BLUE%>%GRAY%chippedItemDisplay[CLVL<20 gcy]: %YELLOW%>%GRAY%chippedItemDisplay[CLVL<20 skc]: %BLACK%>%GRAY%skull
//╔═══════════╗//║ UBER KEYS ║//╚═══════════╝ItemDisplay[pk1]: %TAN%*+O %PURPLE%Terror Key %TAN%O+*%MAP% {%PURPLE%Bloodraven %WHITE%or %PURPLE%The Countess}ItemDisplay[pk2]: %TAN%*+O %GREEN%Hate Key %TAN%O+*%MAP% {%GREEN%Bloodwitch the Wild %WHITE%or %GREEN%The Summoner}ItemDisplay[pk3]: %TAN%*+O %YELLOW%Destruction Key %TAN%O+*%MAP% {%YELLOW%Izual %WHITE%or %YELLOW%Nihlathak}ItemDisplay[bey]: %PURPLE%*+O %TAN%Baal's Eye %PURPLE%O+*%MAP%ItemDisplay[dhn]: %PURPLE%*+O %TAN%Diablo's Horn %PURPLE%O+*%MAP%ItemDisplay[mbr]: %PURPLE%*+O %TAN%Mephistor's Brain %PURPLE%O+*%MAP%ItemDisplay[std]: %GOLD%+ %DARK_GREEN%Standard %GOLD%+%MAP%




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